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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Birthday Cupcake

Remember my "fresh" roses?

Well, I use sugar paste to do it the other day.. i was keeping finger cross that the weather will be good in case it sweat n turn sticky.. Luckily despite the wet weather.. the roses are intact..

The roses are made possible for an order... LX asked for some cupcakes for her bf's birthday.. she had requested for red roses, white alphabets for the names and some silver candies... and most importantly.. she wanted chocolatey ones .. so so chocolate cupcakes is the theme.. She req for choc chips too.. but I did not add these in as I am afraid the oil from the chips will spoil the smell of the whole cupcakes. Also I was afraid that the cupcakes will turn either too girly for a guy... or too christmasy... since well.. its red green n white involve... and ermm.. National Day too?? heehee

The red roses are tricky.. its really difficult to get this bright red... fortunately.. with much preserverence... I did it... of cos I love red roses than pastel one anytime =)

Anyway.. well It turns out great.. Dear say they are pretty too... thou I use blue for the Happy Birthday.. since I think it could quite make it more colourful n manly =)

From a very pretty girlfriend LX to her beloved Baby Boo

Simple.. but well.. it do looks like a gem yea??
Our loved ones are always a gem in our heart

Individual cuppies...

What does 3 roses represent??
I Love You of cos

I hope the birthday boy and loves ones enjoy the cuppies.. Thanx for giving me a chance to do this =)