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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Korean Food

Like I mentioned.. we had Korean food 2 nights ago when Emily came down from Hong Kong.
She host a few dinner for me the last tim I went up .. and so I guess.. its my turn finaly!!! And Dear been very helpful too.. since well.. he knew her too from our 1 month Europe back packing days... Serene of cos tagged along since she is feelingmuch better and of cos.. she is part of our back packing gang for the 1st 2 leg of the trip... she is trained by me to do back backign ever since...

Back to the dinner... well, dear suggest having Korean since well.. HK have more yummies than us I believe, and so this will be somethg different... and we choose to go Jang Won. Its at Mosque Street.

Run by Koreans.. but.. only the bosses..the waitresses are all CHINESE.. who barely can speak english.. and when I speak in Korean... well.. their face drew a blank expression =(

Some how.. I feel their food is not as fantastic as before.. or is it my standard?... just look at the side dish

Chicken Frank in tomato sauce?? is this korean?? tsk

The Brinjal is not too bad... they have the stew potatoes, veggies too.. din snap a pic since my hand still cannot move about properly

Some of our dishes

Sam Gay Dang aka Ginseng chicken...
Again I think its not as good.. the glu rice is clearly absent... thou the chicken was tender

Kim Chee Pancake, somethg i like.. but i think this is not chewy enough

Chicken Intestine.. Which we thought is the intestine itself and we order.. turns out to b Gizzards... well not bad thou =)

We also had beef tripe soup for dear.. and bibimbap for the rest of us...

A grp photo.. before we proceed to go for some sight seeing then teh tarik, Naan, mee goreng at River Valley
I think.. prob I prefer the Korean restaurant at west coast... zang shing zhong I think... cos the side dish more yummy hehe