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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Penang Day 2

Day 2 was spent on sight seeing after breakfast.. .can i say that the 3 worst ever meal I had in Penang was actualy right at the hotel?... yes.. tis tat bad... or mayb its just the fussy me...
Anyway After our tour at Kek Lok Si... We walked over to Penang Hill.. yes we walk.. din take a cab... I tink Dear must have regretted badly for training me to back pack in the Europe days .. I refuse to take a cab.. believing that i can walk there.. and YES I did... after a good half an hour.. we saw this 'Cafe'

Hoping for some good food... We went in..but sadly msot stalls are closed.. and so we went to the coffeeshop nxt door.. and they do have loads of yummy.. People were friendly too.. there wasnt any seat left and the uncle kindlyopen up the aircon room for us... How nice... Thou we arent too hugnry but i guess.. diedie must eat lar... and so... we had

Lor Bak which A told me I MUST try when I go there..
its a little like our Ngoh Hiang.. but ermmm still different.. some fo them have prawns in it.. while some are fish.. some are minced pork too... with century egg wrap in.. goes very well w the 2 sauces provided.
Penang Char kway teow

One of the dishes we had for lunch... go Penang of cos also must try Fried Kway Teow rite? hehe
Dinner was suggested by Dear.. he wanted to try Bali Hai

Well we need carbo rite? hehe so we need a noodle dish

Hokkien Mee... again it tastes so so

And I ordered half a dozen of oysters.. our fav!!!!

Its Huge alrite... and u eat it this way with their sauces and sambal.. of cos u can go w/o it too...
Dear was feeling generous.. He decided to buy me Geo-duck.. its a large clam like creature.. alot more like GIANT bam boo clams?? this is pretty ex.. almost like $150RM

Geo Duck
and we had it sashimi style
Geo Duck Sashimi
Next we had the sea clam.. I duno wat is it.. but the guy recommend it to us...

Sea Clam

Stir Fry Sea clam with springs onion n ginger
We had it this way as recommended.. but I thought it taste more like ermmmm some kind of meat... dear said it was tasteless
Then.. we had cray fish

Salt and pepper CrayFish
it actualy make the cray fish a bit less meaty... again.. its a nono..