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Saturday, November 17, 2007

French Onion Soup

Many years ago during the summer break.. I fell in love with French Onion Soup.. It all began in Paris...
well I shall not elaborate more.. on that sicne many are prob sick of my travel stories hehe

Anyway... since then, many special occasion such as Valentines' Day, wedding Anniversary, I will home made the soup from scratch...

Went to Carrefour few days back.. and saw this really HUGE onion

Near 4 inches in diameter... it cost me a freaking $3 plus... I only realise upon payment hehe.. anyway .. try out.. since onion is our favourite..

While I was slicing up the onion.. I cant help but steal a slice of the onion to try.. I was very surprised that its sweet.. so sweet .. very sweet indeed.. no prize for guessing hw many rings i stole... heehee

The size of the onion do reminds me very well of 'Max Burger' back in Karlskrona thou.. they got this v nice onion rings.. thats as huge as what I have seen now..

How bout an Oniong Bangle insteadof onion 'ring? hehe

With the bread bowl I did... with the new additions of herbs n such in the dough.. and adding the cheese into the piping hot soup...

My craving is temporarily satisfied. =p
I was greedy.. added much more cheese..

With the bread dip in.. accompanied w the sweet onions n cheese.... Im in heaven already

The huge onion is too big for both of us's portion of soup.. (yes even for huge onion eater like us)more than half of it is left in the freezer... I am dreaming of.. hmmm plain sauteed onion with rice... YUmmmmm