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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Penang Day 1

Hi All.. Im backie!!

Well.. I have go mysteriously missing for the past week.. mainly for 1 reason...

yes.. mysteriously... since only a couple of my friends knew Im gone... not for good thou.. *bleah*

Well truth is.. with new plan up in my schedule.. and dear had offer a sudden surprise visit to Penang... I was 'forced' to MIA for a new task... He only had told me of the trip after he book the hotel stay... and yea.. we went down to Northam All Suite Hotel.. Yes a Suite.. I guess probably I thought my one n only time ever in a Suite will be my wedding suite yea? hehe... Anyway... Here are what I have got back for every one...

Touching down to the beautiful Penang Island ard 0815hours... with some blurry looks. heavy headed from the almost no sleep night... I was franticaly looking out for my dear friend C... After a good 5 mins.. YAY we caught sight of her and her Hubby.... hehe.. we were quickly lead to the car... Off we go for makan.... 1st meal of the day...

She bought some famous chee cheong fun, roast meats and brought us to a coffeeshop... yes.. coffeeshop,, and Im excited... why??? Well.. I tink the best food are hawkers stall, road side stall on this wonderful island...

Of cos in the midst of all the excitement of meeting my dear friend I forgot to snap loads of poto of the food

the chee cheong fun, curry mee, wanton mee, roast meat and the list goes on...

here are some for the day

Har Mee which is a tit different from ours.. theirs are rather black.. and I thought black versions are ermm Hokkien mee (KL version mayb?)
This Apom is good! Very thinly done... and yummy

There was another type of apom which I din managed to get a pic too.. well it is filled with bananas inside... the moneky me got into the monkey act and start eating them up hehe..

While shortly after all the yummy, I was brought on a crash tour on penang Island since Hk gotto leave Penang for a short trip too.. haiz.. my Penang surprise w a twist hehe.. gotten some bake wares and then we were off for some dessert near this place call Swatuo Lane for ice kacang

Well not that Im an ice kacang fan.. but the fact that its scortching hot weather, makes mi appreciate this ice kacang more... and its really special...
Its laided with fruits of your choice.. and of cos dear chose Mango... so heres our Mango Ice Kacang

We also had this nice wobbly, wriggly kueh (ermm I forgot the name... let mi ask C)
Slight taste of alkaline and its chewy... contains glutinous rice flour as well as alkaline water... well it taste a little like Kee Chang.. nice nice =).. oh yes... its serve with generous amount of Gula Meleka.. another 1 of my gavs

Since we check in early into the hotel.. Well.. Im really exhausted.. but I was thrilled by the jacuzzi tub.. make me jump like a kid.... After all thou Dear had said we shall hav a bath tub at home but i dont think it makes economical sense...

Anyway I had a long nap.. and after which... we headed off to the famous Gurney Drive Hawker place which is supposedly VERY near our hotel... gosh.. it took us more than 35 mins walk... by then I was really hungry...

Looks a little like Glutton sq style yea???
Long long ago.. Singapore hawker place looks like this too....

So what is the MUST HAVE in Penang??

ASSAM LAKSA of cos!!!!

After going thru a couple of stalls... My nose was working really HARD.. sniffing out the best... I decided on this stall.

My it was good! Look!!!

Loads of fish meat.. and spices like the rojak flower, onions, mint leaves, chilli, cucumber strips... and YES... Shrimp PASTE.. how Can I say NO to this rite??

Unfortunately I cant order any more cos... We got loads of food jus for 2 of us...

Mutton Satay which we dn really like as the meat was too tough

Fruit Rojak... somethg diff from ours since they are laided with fruits..

Freshly cook CoCkles which we thoroughly enjoyed..

And most of the time... we had the longan drink .. refreshing Indeed

Longan Drink

Wait for my part 2 yea ..