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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Penang Day 4

The last day in Penang was a relax one... thou.. not so too...
since we check out near 1pm.. we din want to leave the luggage in hotel since its a hassle to go bk to hotel to pick them up again... we decided to lug our luggage along with us.. to QueensBay mall

Pretty much a mistake but no choice... cos with so much tau sar piah in tow.. pretty hard to shop..

Anyway... food is our top priority... we heard bout Sushi King and decided to try knowing dear's soft spot for Jap food.

Assorted sashimi we picked from the belt.. I liek the bead curd skin one... thou its rahter common.. Like it mainly becos under the bean curd skin there is loads of HUGE sesame hehe

Ebi Tempura

Clam Soup

This is the only nice thing among all the stuff we order... there is the clam taste.. .v sweet and I think the bonito or kelp taste is good too... very satisfying

Assorted Sashimi

Makes me dont want to take sashimi in Msia again.. cos they r a bit too dry and no taste of freshness thou they r not stale either.. soemwhat.. somewhere is wrong...

Soft Shell Crab

Taste decent enough for soft shell crab

We spent about RM90 plus at Sushi King.. which I tink its pretty expensive for the standard of the food..

After hours of movies, reading at borders.. time to get our tummy filled up again before we leave for SIngapore...

Im still craving for assam laksa... and soo we decided to eat at Laksa Shack..

they have a variety of laksa, but the price is 4 times as much as the normal hawker one.. no choice since the food court dont seem to serve assam laksa

Dear is no fan of assam laksa, prob he got bored w me eating the same thg over n over again and so he opted for this

Mutton Briyani

and for me

Assam Laksa

It taste much different fr those I had.. more expensive and not as delish...

our drink, Bandung with Cincau

Seems like the hawker are really the only places with good food.. I def dun wan to spent on restaurant there again... C is right.. Hawkers are the best in Penang..