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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Osmanthus Cake

If you watch tvb periodic drama... U will probably have have of them serving 桂花糕。This is an imperial dessert which Empress Dowager Cixi loves.
The osmanthus used, are really fragrant. with a hint of 'cooling' smell..
This smell is a rather qcuired smell.. so either u like it or u dont...

I guess Empress Dowager Cixi really loves the aroma of the osmathus flower yea?

My 2nd attempt of making this. This time, in my large copper mould which I normaly used to bake fruit cake. Thankfuly, it was unmoulded nicely with no hiccups.

桂花糕 Osmanthus cake

Using up the last of my waterchestnut flour, now I wonder when will I ever do this dessert again..