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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Princess Fantasy

I rx an order 2 weeks ago for cupcakes.The req... was Princess theme... Alamak.. I cant do figurines for goodness sake...

So K offer to help...

Princess Fantasy Land

Well... Princess must stay in Castle rite??

Castle by K

Yes.. a Tiara by K too

Dainty Stilletoes By L

Princes fav LV bag by K

And of cos.. in the castle.. must have nice florals n fauna rite??

Shiny, shimmering flowers

Pretty Butterfly... that almost become butter FLAT becos of the wet weather
I like this butterfly cos of the marble effect =)

Oh yes.. have u met the owner of the castle yet??

Princess Lissa by K

Princess bow at the back

Nice flowers again

Ready to be sent out.. Place them nicely in the plastic holder since the lady is driving..dun wan the castle dreams to b shattered...

Thanx K, L G and C for all the input and fun we have over the weekend...

Im really please w the cuppies today.. and now Im dashing off for my dear's cuppy