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Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Mini Party

Another round of mini party.. well its really mini.. just the 4 of us..

Of times.. I really prefer mini party that way I can havmomre chance to interact with my friends.. of cos I am guilty too for not being able to get the rest to join.. then again.. there is always a next time right?? hee

Apart from the food I did earlier.. the ladies also brought some food along.. Pig out time!!!!

Fusion Salad by L...
Very yummy and different.. I love it to bits...

G made this..

ermm I dunno wat are they call... can i call them roti kueh?
hehe... its very nice too!!!

C brought some mushroom soon kueh and chives kueh... by then I was too hugnry that I forgot to snap foto

After that.. wehad some chat and well sugar paste!
for once I did sugar paste out of kithcen.. the result??? was scrubbing the table and floors hard after that.... phew.. lucky Dear no scold me.. haha... he is v nice.. even help me to clear up... I had a great day! Thanx Ladies!!!!!

C ya on the 29th hehehee