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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Xmas Dinner

I was pretty busy up planning for this party when the cuppy order pop up... well... what to do.. so I juggled between both...
Starting from 8am in the morning.. with all the chopping, marinating, boiling, poaching n etc... with a delivery to do at 12 to town.. it definitely takes up alot of time.. Im glad I can multi-task hehe...

I did not want to make the dinner a messy affair.. instead, I prefer a nice sit down dinner whom all of us can chat... despite well.. its 3 diff 'groups' of friends... but I think later on we blended in quite well =) Guess the presence of little Jo helps... He sure enjoy himself very well... Esp the present choosing part hahaaa...

For dinner..

Looks familiar??

Yes.. Fusion Salad... My guest likes them alot.. Thanx L for telling me how to do it..

Star of the day

"starved" chicken... hahaa.. well the names came up to us while we were doing the place card for the food... R and F "creative thinking"

I or rather my whole family like this chicken... cos it HUGE.. mum alwasy say its mini turkey. And I always mariante it till even the breast meat is soft n tender... thats the only way to cheat my mum into eating the breast meat.. Now I need to do 2 more of this chicken as Auntie Rika have also request for an ordere... cool huh??

Now... whats Xmas w/o the Sherpherd??

Sherpherd's Pie.. this is Little jo's fav (At least this is what he said)

Xmas Soba... orgI wanted to do tri colour... buckwheat, green tea plus carrot.. however time was running out. And I think my guests are not realy used to this dish.. too Korean mayb??
1 of the all time favourite

Clam Chowder which I have tweak the recipe further to improve the taste.

Most of them loves it =)
It was at the very last min I realise I forgot bout dessert.. Overlooked this since was realy busy.. quickly.. I did some cupcake...
Lime tEa Cakelet.
A bit heavy but still soft.. I wan the ones L made!! hehee