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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cloves On Trees

Some outdated post.. but I guess certain info never get outdated right?? I hope I still get the facts right =)

Lets get clovey... ahh yes it reminds me... Serene say want to name ah boi Clovis, I told her I get reminded of cloves hehe

Ok.. back to the topic... I went to a small little hut at Batu Terringgi.. and of cos seen new things... thou some things are prob always around us but we take it for granted.

Cloves.. widely used in asia.. are small nailed shaped flower buds that are dried. They have a sweet, somewhat penetrating flavor. Cloves can be bought whole or ground. Ground cloves are commonly used in baking.

1 thing I did not know was, where does cloves grow on...

On trees thats it!!

Cool?.. its very small pic.. pardon me as I am like 7 meters away from the tree.

Here is a closer look of the cloves. Freshly pluck off the tree.

They are harvested right before they flowered(is it the correct word to use?) so ensure the best fragrant is preserved. After which they are dried and some grounded into powder.

I got a freshly dried pack of cloves. at RM$10. I know its a rip off. BUT.. I cant resist.. for I love the smell too much... I bought the cinnamon as well.. no prize for guessing what they are for =)

If you do the nonya kind of pineapple tarts for CNY, you prob have use them in the pineapple jam.. if you do the rounded type of tarts, u stick a piece of clove in the middle making it look like a little tangerine. They are also often used in applesauce, beets, chicken, ham, lamb, pumpkin, sausage, tea, tomatoes, walnuts, wine.

To sum off.. when Im desperate bout the ants prob at home... I leave a few cloves lying around on my kitchen top... I swear it scare the ants off... at least for a few days =)