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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Merry Xmas... God Jul

Hey Folks.. let me wish you a Merry Xmas before the 25th sliped away quietly...
Thank you to all my friends whether cyberly, or in real for all guidance in everything that you have given me for the past 1 year. Its been a fruitful year in sense of skill achievement.
For those who shared with me selflessly, I need to double thank you since I know certain skills/recipes are closely guarded. Its the trust, the belief in me from you all that well.. brought me on to what I have acquired now.

The following 1 year will be again a new road for me.. Seriously going into something food related pretty soon.. Still in the midst of discussion with some potential partners/sponsors etc... I will reveal when time is ripe.

Im thankful for the person who well... invented internet.. allowing me to learn good and bad things via the cyber friends.. nto forgetting getting to know good and bad people... thru the BAD ONES.. I certainly learnt my lessons... Got these bad ones to thank too huh.. *giggle* else Jo prob will still be too naive n innocent to trust certain people.

AnywAY, these aside...

What have you done for the day?? partying? shopping? or busy catching up with sleep? I was in a pretty lazy mood today..HOWEVER, I still gotto work my oven for the last time for the year (or mayb week??)... My family been bugging me for a mini party.. yes my family... and that includes my mum n my youngest sis. Finaly I relented and bake them an Xmas Pullet.. did some salad, thaw the Kraftor. The funny thing is my family are no christians. Perhaps they been spoilt rotten by me eversince I have got my own home.. by having a huge feast for them.. and therefore the request(S). Each time November come.. mum will ask me if Im having any party.. Most of the time I do not include my family in my party, mainly becos I prefer to serve beef n mutton for party while they(esp mum) do not take these 2 meat. The sight of it makes her lose her appettite. And so I always will give a "NO" reply whenever she asked. Anyway its same old food.. just to different group of people... and I was trying to be lazy.. and so we called for Pizza De France delivery.... so with a chicken, a salad, kraftor and 2 pizza.. should be enough rite?? not so... cos at the end of the dinner... mum said: I tink something is missing this year... *paused for a while*ahhh mashed potato w bacon bits...
Goodness... my mum sure got good memory despite she is OLD and do not like western stuff like pizza n potato much... looks like I gotto do that for her nxt year then =)

Anyway Dinner was great.. whats better was before dinner... Dear and I had gone to Novena Square for a xmas gathering .. with who else but my dear Angie... and her alf. Xmas exchg and then off we went for our fondue at Haagen Dazs as promised... we got some vouchers to use up..

Must say that Haagen dazs fodnue is getting 'bigger' cos ,oons ago.. the serving was smaller.. and of cos cheaper..now it cost a freaking $39.90 for e above. Funnily.. the guys had momre of the fondue than the girls.. mayb i dont fancy icecream, while Angie dont fancy chocolate like me..

It wasnt long before we decided we want to eat sth else.. really wasnt long(in the midst of eating fondue hahaha)

We decided to scout around Velocity to see if there is any finger food.. We just wanna pig out for the day I guess.. and in less than 5 mins.. we decided among the organic cafe. mos burger, Harry's and TCC... and we decided to go TCC.. YIPEE.... and its a right choice

I was tempted to try harry's.. but it seems like its not the same Harrys we go to in Europe so we gave it a miss.

We decided on our food...

Shroom Bites

Very nice.. its pastry with cream of mushroom in the middle... u can fin it in 1 bite.. but well.. I did it in 2.. cos I want to eat slowly haha

Seafood Platter

The calamari was good.. the 'satay' was not bad too.. the prawn roll are crispy.... YUMMM

I chose the Shake O Sesame Drink
A blend of black sesame with milk n etc... really nice n fragrant.. ie only if u love sesame =)

The rest of them had hot drinks and i was too lazy to continue snapping hehe....

Now, whats Xmas w/o presseie rite?? Strangely.. most of my pressie are food related.. so just sharing with you what my dear friends got me...

1 of my 1st pressie was cupcakes... from L... its a food hamper actualy... really alot of effort put in.. I do really appreciate her effort...

1 of my cupcakes pressie.. can you see the tender loving care in the workmanship???

The food related thgs..edible anot.. I tink its really amusing...
I got a bear shape silicon pan from J (thanx gal.. really sweet of you. hope to use it soon)
BodySHop, Plum moisturiser....from Serene (not edible..but still .. .its food related?no??)
Nike Bottle from Caca(drinks rite?)
Coasters and a bottle of Vodka from Angie... Yes Vodka.. and its not a normal one.. its the limited edition Disco Vodka... haha.. previously the gals gave me the Absolute Black for Bday already =p

Disco vodka

then I got a novelty cake book from C... (thanx C... I love that book =D)
Qutie sure i missed out soem1 but I cant rem who.. sorry.. I will update later on if I rem k... anyway this are just part of what my dear friends got me.. and I really appreciate this.. must restrain msyelf form blogging bout non food related items hahahahaa

A 'leyrio' from mum, so gone are the lonely days in kitchen liao hahahaaa (still consider food related rite??)

Its a great xmas this year..and I hope everyone had enjoy this day... and have a better year ahead...

God Jul once again