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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Egg Tart

I think Im getting eggy... 1st was omelette, then now egg tart
Well.. cant hide the factthat I pretty much adore eggs... especialy now that doctor had given me advice on avoiding chicken... the only thg else related I can eat will be eggs. and I do hope I wun need to avoid eggs as well.. .else I gonna STARVE.

Back to the tarts.

I love egg tarts w layered pastry.
Soft type that is.. i know its going b laided with shortening... but I dont care!
and not all shop sell good egg tarts...
We only love the ones at Tong Heng, which is situated at South Bridge Road next to Maxwell market. Maybe we are spoilt silly by our dear aunt who will pampered us with such tarts every week when we were young.
Pampering means.. we get at least 2 boxes of 5 tarts per box. Sometimes we get the coconut tarts too.. but its not as popular among us since its much sweeter.

Why do we love it so??

The egg custard is soft n smooth.. wobbly too... the layer of pastry are soft and a little melt in the mouth... U prob eat up till the very last crumbs =)

Unfortunately, I haven come across any egg tart recipe that yield such nice pastry... if u do have any... perhaps u like to share w me??

I just had the last 1 for breakkie hehe