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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

No "Bangs" of ushering in the new year since its all indoor... old people need to R&R for such count down hehe..

With the intention of havign a quiet countdown with my dear friends... we planned a dinner outside.. and continue with some wine n cheeZe at home

Angie was in charged of e cheeze while me.. the wine of cos.. She bought quite a bit over haaa... and she did some cocktail too.. so it waslike.. the wine was neglected =p

Cocktail was nice... with loads of fruits like red apple, green apple, pineapple, pomelo, grapes, mixed with cranberry juice, rose wine n etc... slurppp .. I tink.. some mangoes will b good too for the added fragrant...

Angie's Cocktail

With 4 type of cheese.. we are spoilt for choice... we have our individual preference... hehe... really good..

Of cos.. we cant fin all the cheese.. since we were really full... I think I need to go for round 2 tonight with dear since Angie kindly made a jar for him to enjoy. Thanx Gal!!

Now. I need to hop to the kitchen for prep of my New Year dinner... Stay Tuned