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Thursday, January 17, 2008

A New Couple

On the 5th January.. A new couple was born... Mrs n Mrs Lionel...

I was tasked to making some wedding cupcakes for Tristine for her wedding. Mainly its a surprise gift for Lionel. And so I have to come up with a nice n meaning theme of wedding for her.

As I mention earlier I used my new toy for the very 1st time.

This is it.

Cost me almost 50SGD.. but I guess its worth every cent.. Thanx G for "tompaning" this for mi on her spree so that I can make this pretty cuppies for Tristine.

As U can see.. the design is very intricate. I like the design alot... and this is the only 1 I liked. sooo I refuse to buy any others. Guess the price was really worth it.. esp so when I did a nice kebaya with it later on

the Pic above is actualy meant to be part of a wedding gown...

Tuxedo and gown

Wedding involves the ring.. and I did a Trilogy ring forthe bride(thats my dream ring hehe), which represent the past, the present and the future and a single princess cut diamond ring for the groom.

Sweet Rose

Ready for Delivery.