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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hey... Im here... I know there is a lack of post.. but what to do.. I been too busy.. I spent some time on this order as it was a very last min order( well 1 week for such intricate design hehe)
It all started with a chat w a friend and she ask me if Im a peranankan.. nevermind that Im not one.. she still ask if Im willing to take up the challenge to do a cake for her mum 69th birthday. Well I agree... esp so when i tot the sarong kebaya could be much easier than and other 3 d figurines.. But guess wat... while I thought the sarong is easy and the kebaya needs a little more skill... I reali the sarong actualy is harder to make.. why?? Cos its too simple... so simple tat.. 1 wrong move will caused the sarong to look like table cloth... and so.. the easy part was actualy the kebaya... *chuckles*

Last nite I onli clocked 2 hours of sleep. All for the sake of this kebaya.. this is my 3rd one.. I threw away 2 pcs before this final attempt..

Imagine. I took out my own kebaya fr the wardrobe.. hang it at somewhere prominent in the room.. so before I sleep I keep staring at it.. and improve the deisgn as the nights passes... unbelievable tat I will do suchthg.. but at least I managed to improvise the design hehe...

And Im more or less satisfied... at the very least... I love the lace.. and I can proudly say its 1 of my most satisfying project among all the sugar paste work. Afterall I seem to hate sugar paste jobs... but guess my love for lace helps =)

My camera still in hospital and thus.. not much pic... so bear with my blur pic for now yea...

1st ever Kebaya Cake??

Time to catch up w my sleep.

I promise to b bk with more pics if possible... I got more project to rush for the nxt day and coming week
Thank you L for providing me with almost everything I need for the cake.. she sure is my biggest motivation hehe