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Friday, January 18, 2008

Sweet Savoury

The other day.. my pal HK knew I was going for a bbq... and suggested an alienated thingy to me..
Bacon with Banana.

Much as I love both item... I was skeptical if thee will be any business for this item since most ppl dislike banana.. nonetheless I got mum to bring some banana from home since I knw she will always hve some from prayers.

1 other reason why I use prayer banana also is bcos.. I dont have to buy.. in case no business. throwing away is not such a waste...

But my silly sister forgot the baconf or the 1st round of bbq.. and thus we only managed to make it last night..
This round with our friends. Theguys were very curious when I tried to do this.. and despite my warning of the banana are from prayers (some ppl do not take such food).. the guys are keen to try.. Made mi surprised... and before u know it.. they are queuing for the banana while dear and I bbq-ed.

Soft n sweet banana with saltish bacon.. Yummm .. in fact.. we finish the whoel bunch of banana.. and I dont remember eatin more than half a serving

the downside is that the bacon is hard to cut off aft we cook.. and i guess nxt round we shall cut them up and wrap hehe...

Thanx Hk for the tips...