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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Of the Silvers

For the past months I had prob getting the gold leaves...

Being asian.. or rather chinese.. gold is rather auspicious for us.. let aloen to eat it in our food.. which is rare.. while I managed to get hold of it back then.. at a crazy price($1 per pc of an square inch). Thou crazy but I still wanted it. Many thanx to G who got it for me.. I used it for my Pralet topping(premium Pralet thats it)...

The other day she drop me a msg.. telling me she got the silver one for me.. wow silver!!

Very Well.. in time for CNY haha.. with gold n silver.. its a prosperous CNy indeed.
She got it at Mustafa Center. Yes Mustafa! Since indians use the silver for their dessert too hehe... I love Mustafa.. esp so since they are 24 hours operational. And theyir stuff are cheap.. thou U gotto keep a look out at the expiry date for the food stuff.

heres how it looks like in case U wanna to go n pop by to grab some.

Containing 15 sheets per pack.. can use till siao.. since its a rather big piece hehe

The thin silver leaves...

Thanx G for the silvers =)