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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Toy Story

Today I had another pleasant surprise...
Well a surprise enough to make me blog again haha since I been busy with some food related stuff and no time to make myself blog here.

When I was back from dinner.. lying in my post box is a parcel.. rather big one thou small enough to fit into the mail box...

From Japan thats it.. ewwwwww I knw who!!!!! Thanx E!!

With a nice New Year card to begin with... yes I love the New Year card...
Alongside with the card.. is 2 set of new toys. Got me REALLy excited.

Guess whats these??
Yea egg mold. For the mini eggs.... yes quail eggs!!!!

Look at the cute inprint...
The size of quail egg is dainty enough for a small little dainty bento

Doesnt this shape/print looks familiar?
yes.. the regular egg mould shape also have the rabbit n bear shape hehe

If I am still staying overseas.. I will be able to fully utilise this as I can make bento llunch for dear to bring to work as per normal.. In spore.. NEVER get any chance to do pack lunch

I cna only think of bento for Mickey-Xavier baby.. but I guess it be quite some time before he need bento.. for now.. I shall bento for myself hahahaaa

oh ya on the 1st photo top right corner is the bento rice cube set maker... basicaly, u juse put rice into the rectagular tube and use the press to press.. then u get square cube.. and make them into bento style... Im excited!!!!!

Thanx E again for the pressie =)