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Saturday, February 09, 2008

CNY Cupcake

While I promised myself no baking till the end of the week.. I cant help it when my hand get 'itchy' I cant sit still... despite I am busy with other stuff... I thought I want to bake something for the next 3 gathering cum house visit... And Im sorely missing the cherry chocolate cake(yes im allergic to chocolate but I love this cake after my pralet)

Knowing I have got 1 more can of cherry in the cupboard... I bake these cuppies just 1 hour before I go out last evening... Naively think.. the amount of cupcake can last me for 3 gathering...

Who knows... Well... ermm the response to the cuppy were so good.. It prob only lasted us 1 session with 2 extra for myself to indulge in...
I did some butter cream and pipe cherry blossom design on it.. they were gone before I can snap any photo.. too pretty hehe...

Then using my 财源广进 mould for the 2nd time.. I managed to make them as cupcake topple.
The 1st time I used them was last year when I was conducting some chocolate moulding class for a company. I have to do justice to the mould.. Cant neglect them alrite since I got them 2 years ago.

CNY cupcake

The chocolate pieces wewre brittle.. prob bcoe they were a bit dry aft melting and I added more oil to it.. or perhaps its just me who lost touch with my chocolate moulding skill.

Thanking G again for sharing her precious closely guarded recipe.
Finaly this round the cuppy are not as sweet as previous(the bikini cuppies), I reduce the sugar to near half. I am happy with the softness and springyness.

Just for my own reference, I used this can cherry as recommended instead of PH ones as it seem to b said that PH cherrys is nothg but starch..

I MUST go n stock up these cherries again(thats how i always burnt a hole in my pocket since they r pretty ex). I knw I must make them again next week =)