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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CranBerry Yoghurt Bread

Deliberating between the cheese loaf which Peony had baked, or the yoghurt loaf which sweet tooth had done. Since I have got both in my fridge waiting to be clear... Eventually, I gave in to the yoghurt one, since I am lemming for some cranberries too as Im not feeling too well.

Like I say, Im not well and so i wanted to be lazy. I wanted the Breadmaker to work harder for me and I decided to bake the loaf in the BM instead of with my pull man's tin in the oven. Bad choice.
For 1, I don't know the proper setting and so.. . I choose the wrong setting. Ended up with v hard crust bread... grrrr not forgetting BLACK crust too.
For 2, it shard to remove, mainly due to the blade attached to the BM. The loaf of bread was stuck there. After much lugging, phew.. Finaly the bread came out in 1 piece.. with a hole of cos.

I added loads of cranberry into it.. I tink 120g.. and some korean sesame too.

Taste is good. Soft n fluffy (not sure bout tomorrow thou) and the cranberries is perking me up =)