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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

5 Facts bout myself

I have been tagged by singairishgirl
Took me quite awhile before deciding what to do with it.. Laziness is the description haha.

I have to list 5 facts about myself and then pass on the tag to 5 others.
5 facts about me:
And I realise im very much like Deb when I seen her meme.

1) I am like a camel.. i drink alot... So much tat doctor ask me to stop =p

2) I Love to go to supermart.. I spent 1 hour in there if I need to buy just 1 item.. and Iend up with a cartful =)

3) I am money smart.

4) I have a dream of learning everything possible in this world.

5) I am not super neat but I am a hygiene freak

Passing on this to
-1. kellie
-2. judy
-3. HK choo
-4. chawanmushi
-5. jo