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Friday, March 21, 2008

Moist Carrot cake for the Bunny

Couple of weeks ago, PT asked if I will try out the recipe for her if she attends the class at Shermay's. Of cos!! Why not right? And so while I was away on my hols.. she happily went for the class.. When I met her, she even passed me all her newly acquired cookie cutters nudging me to try out the cute shapes. I dont know what I done to deserve such a friend like her hehe...

But as usual.. I put it off off and off... since dear did not express good impression onc arrot cake.

Finaly the other day K also tell mi bout the carrot cake. and I told myself.. I MUST bake them when I can find soemone to feed it with... and today is the day.. to feed the 'bunnies' haaa
Its easter.. give me some excuses to bake this since after the golf range practice I am gg to meet Angie n Alvin for dinner with Dear at the Seletar airport. They can be my guinea pig haha

With a little hiccup like overflowing batter out of the cupcake holder. I finaly got them all done... Considered for real long time before I finaly decided to post this. As I know my dear friends PT n K will be pleased to see what they motivated me to bake comes on screen.

Dear girls... Thank you for being generous in sharing. And I hope I did not disappoint u =)

Super Moist Carrot Cake

While I find it on a sweet side, the fragrance of the orange and spices really bring the taste of the whole cake to a different level. I will adjust the sugar accordingly in future. Surprisingly, Dear like this cake =)

Guess it will not be too long before I bake this again *wink*