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Thursday, March 20, 2008

White Meat day

I chance upon a pretty easy sambal recipe when J showed me a blog. And I thought I would love to make some of those sambal for grilling fish and seafood..

Since im never good with cooking fishes (I onli know how to cook cod, threadfin and stingray), wokking mum did a big help in stating she uses selar for this dish.

So therefore, It didnt take me too long to get into action...

Sambal Selar

I even made more of the chili paste to freeze =p

Asparagus is our favourite... and to make use of the left over bacon in the freezer, I cok them together.. rather yum I must say...

Bacon Asparagus

When I was at the mart.. I saw some fresh lala.. and since there isnt any red meat dishes, no harm having 1 more dish then..

With the most basic method of ginger, garlic and white wine...

Lala with White Wine Sauce

Of cos.. with such a light meal... Its no surprise we headed off for desert after that. Went to our favourite TCC at Siglap..