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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Half Past Six

Nono.. its not the time... its my skill LOL

It been weeks since I thought I want to make sushi... eithre I haven got the japanese rice (I refuse to use thai rice) or I haven got the roe.. Finally today is the day.. and also to use my gadgets... hehe

Of cos California maki is 1 of my favourite.. apart from the usual sashimi.

Armed with some ripen avocado, crab meat, pickled radish and sakura denbu aka pinky fish floss, I began my adventure.

Its my 1st time after like errr 7 yrs since I did sushi.. I had some jitters. Since I am constantly under the stress of the Emperor asking why this why that..

I was struggling with the coating of the roe as I donno hw to coat them nicely.. ekkk Anyway.. with my half past 6 skill... hehe.. here I present my Califoria maki...

California Maki

Then comes the sushi.
With the Tako I had got...
Using the sushi gagdet I bought years ago... I managed to shape perfect rectangular sushi.
Topping it with some self mix wasabi which was super spicy... then again with my half past six slicing skill, I slice the tako up... n top it on the sushi...

Here I present the

Tako Sushi

I froze the remaining tako hoping to make takoyaki over the weekend =)