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Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter Day

Last night as we were shopping around the CS at Siglap Center, fiddling with the idea to roast a chicken anot for today...
Since its easter.. no chick.. chicken also can rite? Oki oki.. and so I bought a chicky home.

Since I stand by my rules that my roast chicken should alwasy be tender, even on the breast meat parts, I began the tenderising process despite I reached home near 1am. With the very standard tenderising agent, I did my job with a breeze.

For once I gave my favourite rosemary a miss for the marination. Instead, I chop up some lemon grass, stuff inth e whole lime, sprinkle some oregano all over together with some maltose n seasalt and let the chick sleep in the fridge over night.

Its Public Holiday, and so roasting the chicken after my baking was easy too.. didnt take up alot of time.. just stuff it with some carorts n onions to fulfil the daily veggie intake, pop it into the oven, set the timer and there goes...

The main plan was eat the everythg exceptthe breast meat which I wanna do a wrap with it over the weekend. and thus.. here is our juicy thighs.

Oriental Roast Chicken

Dear commented that its nice and juicy.. the skin is sweet and yummy.. just like what the restaurant serve.. bet this time round I hit it right on the nail =)