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Saturday, March 22, 2008


I don't know if its the correct name for this dish. But I had it a couple of time in the japanese restaurant, and its nice.. Mildy sweet, and satisfying chewy beef with some tendon attached.

A forum friend share this recipe with us moons ago...
Obviously it took me many months before I finally get done with it.

Its an easy meal.. definitely suitable for me haa...
But I cant get nice beef today and so Dear said replace it with the pork shabu shabu. I guess it was kind of a mistake.. the pork was too soft.. Looks like we still need the trusty beef.
Other than that, it was pretty good.. and I added in 3 carrots so that I dont have to cook a veggie dishes.

Its almost salt free for this dish mainky becos I had used kelp stock for this and adding the onion n carrots help in sweentening the whole soup. Not forgetting a dash of korean cooking wine which is sweet.


And I had prepare sushi rice to go with this dish since I got pletiful of pearl rice at home.

Its a 2 flavour rice with radish topping... yummy!