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Monday, April 28, 2008

Cold Tofu

For the raging hot weather... I decided to make somethg cold for dinner. I vaguely rem I saw a post of another blogger who made somethg similar, and the sauce is peanut butter sauce! Cool... I grabbed a huge bottle of peanut butter and came back to do this. The remaining shall go into peanut butter cookies(gt a gift of william sonamas cookie book to try out)? and char siew bao making!!!

Cold Tofu

1 firm tofu
1 tablespoon or more peanut butter
some hot water
soy sauce to taste
1 century egg(more if u like)

1. Wash the tofu and chill.
2. Mix hot water with peanut butter and mix till combine. Add in soy sauce.
3. POur over tofu.
4. Top with century egg and spring oniongs or shallots.

Chill and serve cold!

Its to die for in this hot weather... needless to say, we polish everything off despite dear dont really like peanut butter.