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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Fruitty Tarts

I have to do 100 over tarts for the party. Andother near 100 for celebration giveaway.
Toiling in the kitchen for the whole day certainly is a must.

While I refuse to use those preserve cherries for the tart, I still needed some red to liven up the tarts. Thanks to the Comstock cherries which I always have faith and trust to.

Fruit Tarts

The cherry certainly do make them prettier.
At the party, the guest was asking the other where she got the tarts from.. how comehe miss it at the table...
Can see they franticaly searching for it. And in no time the 100s or so were gone. Im glad my effort did not go down the drain.

Some even ask to bring home, but Im so sorry to disappoint them. Good stuff will never have any left over hehehe