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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Waffle Waffle

Annie had posted a recipe for this waffle few days back.
Tempted to try but with no waffle maker.. I can only drool... A kind soul offered her waffle maker for mi to try.. In the event if its a good recipe or rather a recipe I like, I can go n buy the waffle maker...
If its not good enough I can save the $$...

And soo... I pull my tired body out of bed, preparing this, for my brunch...


Waffle with Cherries Topping

Here I have some nice fluffy waffle topped with cherries topping.. I reduced the sugar since Annie mention they are sweet on its own... with 5Tablespoon of sugar, I still find it sweet. Perhaps I will reduce to 3 next round =)

I did double recipe for the egg white sake since u neeed to whisk the egg white till stiff and my mixer is definitely too big for just 1 white... and im too tired to use arm power...
And I managed about 12 waffles. so 1 recipe yields 6. Meaning its just right for breakfast and supper for the 2 of us at home.

Meanwhile the kind soul who lent me the waffle maker get to taste this too... hehe

Dear gave the thumbs up for this waffle and gave the green light to buy 1 ... `grin`

Skipping my way to buy a waffle maker soon..