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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oriental Bread Pudding

While I was procastinating between to make the western bread pudding which I have never tried before, and this one here which Ginny had brought along for our party a few months back. Talking to pawpaw, askign ehr bout her BP... seems liek its such baby food stuff.. I really dun wan to try haha.. All will end up in the bin I know..

So here goes.. I tried my hands on this... I did not managed to achieve the pretty ones as Ginny did.. but nonetheless, it was yummy (of cos Ginny's one seems better leh).

Oriental Bread Pudding

I named it so because, initialy when I saw its original name, it never came to my mind that its yummy. Because of the pictures I saw.. gooey n yucky.. definitely not appetitsing. Thanx to Ginny and thus I decided to name it "Oriental Bread Pudding" since I also want to attempt her Oriental lagsana recipe.

It taste almost like yam kueh. and with the lao cheong and dry shrimps as filling cum topping.. Its definitely heavenly... And I made quite a fair bit so I can share w my friend =)