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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More n More

I was rummaging thru my freezer and I found a pack of duck leg.. ahh I must have forgotten bout it eversince I got it.. Roast duck came to my mine.. but hey.. there is 3 legs in thr.. and only 2 of us... I decided to make lor ark with 1 of it.

Half way thru... thinking 1 leg is not enuff for 2.. so I decided to add on 2 hard boil eggs...
Then thinkign thinking... aiya... I tink can cook kway chap.. *giggle* and so.. I added a pc of tau kwa and braised some peanuts as well...

Never ending?? ya u bet.. cos I end up making some chai buay as well

Duck Kway Chap with Tau Kwa and eggs

Braised Peanuts

Chai Buay

Serve with some kueh teow in spice soup garnished with loads os coriander... its yummy
While it doesnt taste like those selling outside, it definitely taste good.. at least we wallop everythg.

Now I got spare braised peanuts and chai buay... anytime I can eat it with porridge on a hot day...

Thanx to my PC for being able to make all this yummy... hehe