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Monday, May 19, 2008


We had a hard time thinking what to have for dinner.. Finally, Dear said he wanted the triangle rice... haa.. sounds like kiddy language huh.. well thanx to the bento stuff I purchase on friday w the girls. Onigiri thats it!

I cant tink of any filling apart from tuna.. until I decided to cook some vegie and meat and stuff them into the onigiri. Armed with some spinach and also some teriyaki pork.. I proceeded.

While this is my 2nd time trying to do bento.. I tink I added a bit too much water to the rice.. it was mashier than before.

Anyway, we had a great meal.. not forgetting a healthy one..


Dear asked for chuka hotate as well...

Chuka Hotate

He request I made such bentos for him to work nxt time... hehe.. so excited!!!