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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mushroom Creamy Pasta

After a few night of asian dishes... its time for a change.. what else but the boring pasta.. I decided to do the sauce from scratch. we r not fans of tomato base pasta..and so it only means I must do the cream base one. With some pointers from wokking mum entry, I fig out I can use my non dairy cream as well since I have got plentiful of them in my fridge. Somehow the non dairy cream seems to b sweeter than I thought. I thought it tasted weird

Rummaging thru my fridge.. I found some half shelled scallops as well. and there they goes into the pasta as well. And mincing the garlic and deep fry them to crispy bits as toppings for the pasta... Thats about all..

Presenting to u

Mushroom Scallopini Pasta in Cream Sauce

Dear finished the whole serving with no complains. So i think I should pass the test =)

The garlic topping makes a big difference int he taste of the pasta.. Definitely more fragrant.. I made a large batch to keep so I can use them for my cooking =)