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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shark Fin Omelette

U probably eaten this at wedding banquet for the starter dish. I rem its pretty salty..

Out marketing w J today... and we were talking bout crabmeat n sharkfin omelette when we saw them at the fridge.. I thought since I have many shark fin left.. why not give it a try...

Defrosting my fins, and using the fresh crab meat I gotten earlier, I did this for dinner.
For those instance.. I forgot how it shld taste like... grrr... my memory is failing.. and I did the omelette too thin I think.. While the crunch from the fins are visible.. I think its not realy that tasty.. Perhaps its becos I left out the msg...

Anyway... here goes..

Shark fin Omelette with CrabMeat

I have got more fins to clear.. looks like the best way is still shark fin soup...