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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Almondy Jelly

I love the smell of almond... which my mum always describe it as the 'cockroach small'.. obviously she hates it.. im the true opp of her.. anythg she dislike.. I love them...

I rem having almond jelly when I was young at a hor fun restaurant in my old home. The smell of the almond floods the whole fridge... alongside with the jellys are of cos longans. A fruit which is never on my favourite list becos its always sweet.... I hardly want to touch longan ..unless its in the almond jelly... becos of the smell of the almond of cos.. and its diluted..not so sweet.

I been searching for almond jelly recipe thats is made from scratch with agar agar powder for months... finaly I stumbled upon rose recipe and decided to giv it a try.. no harm since i got loads of agar agar powder at home. And I can bring it to the pool side to nib while chatting w friends. Kids will like it too...

Oh my.. its real easy... I added extra Amaretto liqueur in the syrup.. Threw in some left over can peach which I used for fruit tarts earlier on to get some colours...

Almond Jelly

Heres how:
7g agar agar powder
4 cups water
3/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 tsp almond essence
5tbsp evapourated milk

1. Bring water, agar agar powder to boil. Add in sugar. Stir till dissolve.
2. Add in milk n almomnd essence.
3. stir n pour to mould or bowl tolet cool n set.
4. cube the set jelly up to desire size, add in a can of longan and some water to dilute it.

Oh yes.. dont forget the amaretto if u love almond smell...