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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cupcakes AGAIN

I have done so much baking this week that I am getting blur... and dear asked today why do I have so much order this week.. ehhh.. how I know ah? haha

I have churn out at least 4 recipe of buttercream.. did like more than 6 recipes of cupcakes... running out of idea what design to do...
Luckily I got the mushroom to save me ...ewww... mushroom rocks! remind me of super mario...

Heres the cuppies for Pearlyn's best friend =)

Floral cuppies

My camera is still not back with me yet... .. all these are taken with my hp camera sicne I return my sis her camera already

Now... just as I thought I can stop baking.. seems like I cant... while im sick of buttercream, and sugar paste.. now.. I need to do fruit tarts... 100 or more.. ehh.. I still cant fig out how to transport them properly as yet.. I got a major catering to do aft next week... and the work starts now!.. gosh... the grocery list.. the baking procedure... logistic on how and when to do what... for 1 person to cater to 60.. I tink.... I think... realy i tink I can! hehe.. give mi some support yeah...
I just hope I no need to do any sugar paste for this catering... I am keeping finger crosssssss.

Meanwhile.. I have promised Audrey that we will have some home made food next weekend at the club after our golf session.. and so.. Im tinking of baking some muffins... lets see how it goes =) very soon its gonna be a weekly thgy at the club w our food hehe