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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Princess Tricia

No I did not disappear into thin air.. i beenf aithfuly cooking n baking but I dont have my camera with me all this while.. I cant snap a single pic...
forget bout the hp camera.. I tink it just make mi feel giddy hehe

Couple of weeks back, Serene's friend wanted some cupcakes for her girl, Tricia, 6th birthday party. The request was princess with flowers.
While I do not have a camera but I badly want to snap some pics.. thanx to Caca who lend it to mi hehe.. and of cos Kel who brought it over to mi late last nite.. thanx boy...

Heres what I managed to make

Tricia Princess Fantasy

My 1st timemoulding a 'princess'.. last rnd K helped me but I decided I should learn how to do it.. and hey.. its not that hard haha.. but K def did it better than me...

I like this.. thou its not v well made.

Using my new silicon veiner... I did tis flower

Whats a garden without butterfly rite?

P also asked me to do the cuppies for the class party. She tot about customising with names.. and so here goes..
Many thanx to KH who show mi sample of the little faces... else I probably dun dare to do such a design.. cos I can onli mould flowers hehe

We were busy writing the names that day while Xavier was busy fussing at his fav spot in the living room...
Many thanx to my pal L who lent me her edible marker hehe ( I dunno where did mine end up!)
And Kind soul lent me extra muffin pans.. else I prob will take 10 hours to bake hehe