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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Muffin is always not on my to bake list.. since its original texture seems to be dense.. My family dislike dense cake. I rem my favourite blueberry muffin was at a cafe in Copenhagen, where we use to painstakingly take a 3 hour train ride thr and grab a few back home as comfort snack. I haven got to find a recipe that yield that fluffy n soft interior. It stays soft even in the fridge.

Anyway, this is my 2nd muffin making attempt if I remember correctly. With the 1st getting very lousy result.. it took me realy long before it came into my mind that I want to do it again... Thanx to Deb. I saw her showcasing her muffins n mentioned its very soft n moist.. and I thought with so much good review. it cant be that bad rite? Looking at the recipe.. it seems too easy to be true.. I was worried... lucky she gave me some tips over the phone and there I started baking yesterday morning for a trial batch. I did some with lemon filling and the rest with strawberry slices. Giving away all but 2 muffins to food taste ourselves. The result seems pretty good I must say. Dear even said its cupcake despite I told him its muffin.. cos I told him the difference between the texture of cupcake n muffin. 1 is light n soft while the other is rather dense.

With the good review.. I got out of bed earlier today to bake another batch. This time, with chocolate chip topping as well as blueberries since its the kids I am gg to feed.

Blueberry Muffin

Soft n fluffy

I tink the topping with fruit slices be it blueberries or strawberries seems a lack of something.. perhaps thr wasnt enuff tang... I would suggest jam in future... but still its yummy..
Afterall its the texture we are after.. hehe... goes well with some tea I guess

For the future I might jus considering lower the butter amount a little but thats about all.. its PERFECT..