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Saturday, July 26, 2008

생강차 Saenggang Cha

생강차 (pronounced Saenggang Cha) its a traditional Korean tea. It literally mens raw ginger (生薑茶) tea in translation.

My 1st encounter with this was at Ju Shin Jung, a korean bbq specialty restaurant where we had our korean BBQ... after our meal we were served this as part of our dessert. I couldnt quite fig out whats in the tea at 1st except cinamon.. Well maybe it tasted too nice, that I thought it needs alot of ingredients. Which korean dish doesn't right?
Thanx to my hard work in my han gul... I managed to fig out alittle bout this tea.. I keep forgetting to try it out.. well ok.. im too chicken..cos it look too easy... LOL

Last week after our meal at Ju Shin Jung.. I was reminded again of this... and well... Dear is down with a little cold today and so I thought its a gd time to try this out... since cinamon is on the heaty side.. so is ginger...

Here I present to u

Its pretty easy to start with..
Heres how:
about 100g of raw ginger, skinned n slice
20g of cinamon ( I use normal cinamon as I do not have the korean ones)
1 litre of water
Honey to taste
pine nuts to decor (optional)
Put water, cinammon and ginger to boil for about 20 mins in pressure cooker and let it de-pressurised itself.
Stir in honey. and add some pinenuts as garnishing.
Serve hot/cold (we prefer it cold)
I prob was a little too generous with my cinamon.. it got a slight bitter taste.. bit tat can be corrected with more honey n water.
This tea is rather good for people down with cold, or indigestion.. No wonder onli the restaurant that have BBQ serves this. Cos we are always filled to the brim hee.. neeed some of this tea to digest the food.
If u are getting heaty or having fever, this drink is a definite nono. Its very strong ont he stomach and so I read that people with stomach ulcer cant drink this too..
I love this too much.. .I think this tea can replace the traditional red dates tea for confinement.. Since I react quite badly on red dates tea.. what do you think?
I finished my glass of 생강차 as I blog .. I can feel the warmth emitting from my tummy despite I drank the tea with ice.. its definitely comforting to me and my soul... shall I name it @My Soul Tea@