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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy Birthday To Singapore

Its National Day.. a big day for all of us.. our dear country is now officialy 43 year old.. still young.. with a long road ahead...

I had invited some friends over for a mini party as usual... We planned a picnic to watch fireworks but end up we chg our mind and tink its a lucky thing we did chg our mind becos its raining out there!!!

I am tasked to prepare the food of cos... while Angie bought the wine n cheese... I did some oven bake chicken wings which tasted almost like fried ones.. some fusion salad... and a siemmai look alike dish... well shall we call it Singapore Siewmai since its our dear Singapore Birthday....

J showed me a photo of the siew mai.. and she tot its a good idea for lunch.. and well I thought its a good way to make up for the starch dish during party.... the different thing bout this siewmai is no minced pork is used. its all rice.. glutinous rice to be exact. The pic showed a green pea as topping... but I thought I want it to realy look like siew mai.. and its a birthday party.. we need something red red right? so well I use some cavier since I always have them in my fridge ...

Here goes

Singapore Siew Mai

Its pretty easy to make.. just need to steam the glu rice, then pan fry soem ingredients which U have in fridge.. I use lap cheong, mushroom n dry shrimps... oyster sauce, pepper and soy sauce is used to give it some taste...

Wrap it up with wanton skin, top with the cavier or anythg u wish.. I brush the siew mai with some oil after that as I intend to let it chill till when I need then steam them. the oil will help to keep the wanton skin moist and not dry and hard.

Steam for 10 mins and serve warm.... it was a good choice to use cavier..becos my guest realy thought these r the real siewmai =)

Oh yes.. I did a durian cake too... but no photos since its a regular on my list liao.. and also I did not decor it a single bit.... its a botak durian cake LOL.... and well my dear sis ate soem too.. she haven touch durians for years but she realy give face.. and dear Angie..she had 2nd serving!! now I onli have 3 left meant to bring to the club tomorrow.... yummm

Happy Birthday Singapore =)