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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bread Talks

Its sports day as usual for tomorrow and I racked thru my brain thinking what to bake or cook as usual.. we r hook on eating by the poolside now hehe.

Since I froze some cook otah leftover during the recent BBQ session.. I thought otah bun will be nice... and I do want to try out a new recipe posted by Mrs Kuo... and so...

Silly me.. I onli defrosted 6 otah... I duno why.. but somehow I thought enuff tomake jus 6 bunx..actualy its enuff for 10... oh well... here comes other flavour.. ham n cheese will be perfect for the kids tomorrow...

My Bread Talk

This recipe actualy uses the 中种 dough method.. which involves a starter dough mix into the basic dough ... its something I have not tried but I have heard of review saying that bread that uses starter dough yield a softer bread which is exactly what my family wants... they all like bo gay.. need soft bread... and outside soft bread will probably be loaded with bread improver which is some chemicals.. So I am game to give this a try.

It seems rather easy except that I need to do the starter 1st. I used the breadmaker to do the starter dough since it needs proofing. When mixing the basic with the starter dough, I use my mixer instead of the breadmaker.. Afterall I bought this mixer cos of its power to knead bread and so its just a good excuse to use both the breadmaker as well as the mixer rite... just need to do some extra washing.

Final Proofing takes me onli 45 mins.. not 90 mins as instructed.. and I bake it for a full 15mins at 190 degree...
The bread felt a little hard once out of the oven.. I was worried... but 10 mins later when it cooled down... oh well... let the picture do the talking...

Ham & Cheese Bread

Otah Bread
I topped the bun with some japanese 5 spice chilli mix for the spicy taste.

The bread was soooo soft n fluffy.. I think I can fool my sisters that this are fr the bakery indeed.
I had 1 bread each while I blog... can u imagine how good it is? I got a feeling I will make these again tomolo... this time w more otah LOL..

Thank You Mrs Kuo for the recipe... =)

Perhaps next on my list, I shall try 汤种 method which also is said to give fluffy n soft bread texture.. lets wait till next week and we see how... Prob we can do Breadtalk alike pork floss bread.... since I am dying to try out the transparent mayo too

Bread Talks....