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Friday, August 15, 2008

Penang Re-visited

When people talk bout penang... I think of their laksa... afterall thats my favourite...
I can eat it at least once a day when I go to Penang....
The core ingredient apart from the gravy, is actualy the shrimppaste.. it certainly give the soup a very different flavour when its added to it prior before eating.

I haven had a decent bowl of laksa for 8 mth.. the last time I had a bowl to satisfy my craving... it was really lousy..so tats not counted. Dear said he wun mind flying up to Penang with me to eat the laksa.. but its a bit exegerating right?
Anyway we did buy some Penang Laksa premix back to SG... but the thg was I forgot bout the famous shrimp paste... and after so many months I haven go tmy butt down to making the laksa... until this fateful day where I can no longer tolerate the craving..

Using the play cheat method of canned sardine in tomato sauce... I used 2 canned instead of 1 since I was worried the soup will b diluted. . also I did not use the specific amt of water.. I used less than required. .. I was told to drain off the tomato sauce .. just add in the sardine..but aft tasting.. I tot sth is missing.. so I decided to add in the sauce.. oh well... it did wonder....

Less than an hour later... I got what I wanted... Penang Laksa... I had 2 bowls of the soup with the sardines before dinner.. that shows how much I love this yummy dish...

Penang Laksa

Using the thick beehoon, I topped off the dish with some many many slices of onions, chop pineapple, mint leaves, not forgetting the shrimp paste.. it provide us with a satisfying meal.
Althou I doesnt like pineaple, but in this dish the pineapple give the nice sweetish taste in the spicy n sour gravy. So its a definite must have..

This premix is so good and ingredients are so easily available anywhere in the world. I cant resist but send my gf in Sweden a pack to try... yes jus a pack in case the custom confiscate it hee

If the Oxtail Soup is fit for the King... then I guess this must be fit for the Queen then... hee