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Monday, August 18, 2008

Beef Horfun

My 1st encounter with this dish was at Geylang. The super famous one. The beef is so smooth that even my sis like it....
Then came the Changi one recently but most of the tiem I will eat the beef with crispy noodle or pork ribs noodle.
Both uses the salted black diced beans to cook with the Changi one using more.
Today I had wanted to make fish beehoon. Went with the kind soul to NTUC.. but alas.. no red snapper fillet.. or rather no fish fillet of any kind is available.. guess mister fishermen did not work last night lar...
Since I had a pack of stir fry beef in the freezer.. I thought maybe I should try to mimick beef hor fun instead.
Kind Soul searched for the recipe for mi... since I haven got my recipe in hand.. So thankful hee...
Beef Horfun
I must say its nice thou its a little different from the hawker stalls one. The beef was too soft.. so soft that ehhh I can dont bother to chew... I wonder why... at 1st I was still worried that it will b too tough.. hee.. I used kailan for the veggie part to make it a balance meal.. Nxt round I will used bitter gourd.. I tink thats what's missing hehe
The amount of hor fun I did was almost enuff for 4 pax.. but we polished it off all the same..
Dear love it I guess..otherwise he wouldnt have asked from the beginningif I have any left in the kitchen.