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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Korean Eat Out

We went to Novea to stock up some energy gel ahead for tomorrow AHM, and so we decided perhaps we should try the Korean food at Square 2.
There is a total of 2 restaurant and 1 korean outlet selling korean delicacy... It did nto take us long to decide which to go... Dear decided on Han Sang (한성) Korean Family Restaurant.

They have 2 diff sitting.. 1 for ala carte food and the other for BBQ.. The old folks were with us today and we decided we should give BBQ a miss since they might not want oily food.

Settling down and deciding what to order for them since its their 1st time to K cuisine... Its actualy quite easy to order for them haa... a ginseng chicken for 1.. and another dish for the other makes the dinner easy... Easier than their fav Jap I guess...
I had a hard time deciding what I want for myself instead!

Oh well here goes...
The starter...

Its actualy some kind of kidney beans marinated... and i tink thats mashed pumpkin n potato followed by the anchovy. .. its yummy... weird that they din giv kimchi thou.. I want my kimchi!

Here is another appetiser I ordered...

Kimchi Pancake

Mum had this

Samgay Tang... aka Ginseng chicken soup

And for Dad

Grilled Mackerel

And Dear's...

Beef Rib Soup...

It seems like he order beef rib soup everywhere he goes!!!! I really must learn how to do this!

Accompanying the fish dish and the soup was the hot stone rice...

See the topping of sweet potato, carrot n pumpkim?

At the end of the meal, the residue of the rice bites were stuck on the stone bowl.. the lady boss kindly came over n told us in korea, people will put in some plain water intot he bowl.. let steep for a few mins then scrap out the yumy rice to eat... obviouly the 2 men did that!

And fo rmyself.. it seems like there was a lack of choice of food for me... Havign high expectation of food.. I did not dare just point to any on the menu.


Yes that was what I choose.. Only good bibimbap goes into my tummy.. those lousy foodcourt ones never made it successfully into mytummy haha.. and obviously today;s bibimbap finaly makes the mark... =)

The Lady Boss gave us free dessert.. I tink most korean restaurant offer free dessert. No? That was what I encounter thou...

Home Made Rice Cake Ball

Actualy the 4 gluttonny us chomp down the dessert the moment it was serve..until the last ball was left then I scream that I haven snap a pic haa.. dad laugh... and dear showed the last of the ball.. slightly saltish.. yummy!!!!

I doubt I will go bk to this restaurant thou.. cos they dun serve kimchi as much... Back to Ju Shing Jung... LOL