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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

XO Fried Rice

Its the yummy XO sauce night..
I have got 25kg of rice to clear and so I think I prob will be cooking alot of rice dishes these days... before the weevils appear...

I had this XO fried rice that time while shopping w the prince... and I ordered this at the HK cafe... it was realy good except that the price was really a put off.... and barely filling.

I ran out of mix vege.. and so I buy some long beans instead since I have got carrots to clear.. not a bad idea to cook this dish as I managed to clear 1 pc of lap cheong in my fridge as well...

Scrambling 2 eggs 1st, follow by the vege and lapcheing, then the crabstick and the XO sauce... with the rice last... I added some dashes of pepper and also some fish sauce... the result??

XO Fried Rice...

LOVELY.... Did u see the streak of scallop fr the XO sauce?
Bet I will make this again... not before I stock up on my XO sauce -)