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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pho Bo

One of our favourite cuisine is Vietnamese cuisine.

Becos we love the smell of fish sauce.. the smell of basil... and of cos beef...

Couple of weeks back.. my regular "food supplier" cooked this and gave me some... it was similar to the restaurant type except its slightly mild in taste.. I chomp them down all the same and promised I will cook it again soon...

Today after the AHM... and range... we had lunch w the kids at CP.. and tinking bout dinner sucks. the weather is bad... we cant go much places.. After narrowing down from cooking hokkien mee n etc.. finaly I decided to cook Pho for today since I got another pack of kway teow in the chiller.

Easy stock.. since I use beef cube which is rarely seen in the mart... Kind soul got it for mi from giants... hehe

I was quite ok with the soup thou I know for sure its rather different from the shops one.. this is v light... I added more fish sauce than stated to get the smell... hee..

I use some beef as well as beef ball... cook the beef last... to 70% cook so that it doesnt turn too rubbery aft that.. and pour over the piping hot soup before serving...
The beansprouts are also cook till about 70% cooked.. so that it got a little raw taste.. hehe

Pho Bo

Dear say its yummy but he also added that its diff from outside ones.. sigh.. looks like I got more to experiemnt.. but at least nice lar! hehe