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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pooh Birthday Cake

Its Little Jo's birthday.
No... not my son.. its my friend's hehe Joel's birthday
So I got chance to use my pooh tin.. fuss between the full body pooh or the head.. finaly decided on the head..

Well.. naked pooh...

Pooh After Make up... hehe

Originaly was suposed to use red cream for the shirt. somehow... well... I can tget the perfect colour and tot the cream will be too much and ger lak... so I use gel instead... good choice! Thou the red part not very neat...
For the 1st time.. the filling is mango mousse with egg white... somethg I never dare to try but my friend Jenny tell mi its good... so I gave it a try... well after some hiccups.. and almost throw the filling away... I got to use it cos it taste VERY GOOD.. I will do the filling again! lets see whose bday.. hehe

Anyway Little Joel.. Happy Birthday to u...