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Friday, December 29, 2006

Pai Thong Koh

Most pai Thong Koh recipe are tedious... some take as much as 3 days jsu to make the mixture... saw this and did it.. not too bad... so Im Posting this very easy Pak Thong Go recipe I extracted off the web some time ago. I modify it a little. Anyway its a simple recipe..but not easy to get that holey stuff.. Happy trying

PArt a)

175g sieved rice flour
140g sugar
360ml water

Part b)
1 tsp instant yeast
1 tbsp warm water

1. Mix (B) and leave aside till foamy (about 10 mins).
2. Mix (A) well and cook over slow heat (About 5 minutes) Keep stirring otherwise the mixture will get burnt and have sago pearls forming). Sieve this mixture into a big mixing bowl and cooled it.
3. Mix (part 1) and (part 2) together and mixwell. Cover the mixture and prove in a warm place for 1 1/2hours. When bubbles appear all over the surface then it is ready for steaming. Do not over fermet as it will result in sourish taste.
4. Pour the ready batter into a square greased pan (about 10inch)and steam for 20 minutes.
5. Cut into triangle pieces when cool.

Note* if u want the very authentic kind, I guess u can onli try ur hands on the complicated ones... but not worth the effort since its easily available in the market. I hope I go tthe guts to try those 3 days fermentation one...