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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pai Thong Go

This is my all time favourites.. sicne I was young.. I remember my sisters and I can eat loads at 1 go.. and it cost almsot like 70cent per piece.. freaking ex...

I remember the 1st time I attempted this, was when I was in Sweden..craving badly. and the flour cost a bomb.. and yetI failed... Just now as I was telling dear im doing this over the phone.. he said: Can do one meh? haha that why i bet Dear cant remember I attempted that in karlskrona haha... I never tried it again there as I cant bear to part with my porecious flour for more failure.

well here it is

the texture is not fantastic still,but better than alst itme lar haha..a nd no sourish taste.. some shops the sell this taste sour as they over ferment the mixture.

I will let Kelvin try this since Im meeting him for dinner and and ask him for opinion.. =)
Im so happy.......